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Bright Ideas

his page contains ideas and procedures to help you get more out of LibCode Suite for Windows. Please feel free to suggest topics for these mini-tutorials.

Part One - Brainstorming a topic with the enquiry module...

When a class begins a new topic, it is common practice to elicit ideas from the class. Part1 shows you how to make a "cheat sheet" for the teacher or for the independent learner using the enquiry module of your library system.

Brainstorming Part1 (Doc)
Brainstorming Part1 (PDF)

Part Two - Using the Concept Map to expand the topic.

In Part 1 of the Tutorial, we produced a list of ideas or concepts related to the general topic of pollution. This tutorial will show you how to use the concept map to expand this list to include related strands of the topic.

Brainstorming Part2 (Doc)
Brainstorming Part2 (PDF)

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