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LibCode Suite Updates

Current Version

The instructions below are the do it yourself option and will step you through updating your LibCode Suite to the newest version.

To check what version of LibCode Suite you have click here

If you would like one of our helpful support staff to talk you through the update, please Contact Our Office.

To update LibCode there are two stages:

  1. Downloading the installation file
  2. Backup LibCode, Install the software and restore the data


Stage 1 - Download the installation file

  1. Firstly log onto the Internet - Go to
  2. Click 'Save' when prompted to 'Run or Save
  3. Save file to Desktop (click Desktop on left of window) or My Documents
  4. Click 'Close' when download is complete

    Do not start these instructions unless you intend to complete them immediately.


    Stage 2 - Backup LibCode, Install the software and Restore the data

    1. Load LibCode Suite and select Utilities
    2. Do a Backup (1st Option - Utilities)
    3. Exit Utilities back to the LibCode Suite menu and write down the Data Folder as displayed at the bottom of the Menu.
    4. Exit LibCode completely
    5. Locate the file you downloaded in stage 1 and double click on it
    6. Read the Licence Agreement and click 'Agree'
    7. Ensure that the 'Destination Folder' is the same as the data folder details you wrote down from LibCode Suite (Step 3)
    8. If it is not the same, click 'Browse' and type the folder the correct details in the top field and then click 'OK'
    9. If the message appears 'this directory already exists, are you sure if you want to install to this location', choose 'Yes'
    10. Now click 'Next' to continue installation
    11. This will now install the software and it also does a basic backup to allow a rollback if there is a problem
    12. Click 'Finish' when completed
    13. Load LibCode Suite / Utilities, select 'Backup/Restore' / 'Restore' / 'All...' The restore should be coming from the data folder (previously written down) with '\Backup' on the end and
    14. Click 'OK' to accept folder, click 'OK' to accept the files listed and click 'Yes' to confirm restore of files
    15. Check 'Data Entry' for a recently entered resource and check  'Circulation / Current Loans Report' for recent circulation activity.
    16. All Done

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