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What makes LibCode Library Systems different?

LibCode Library Systems products use our proprietary 'Related Areas' searching mechanism. This allows researchers to quickly and effectively expand their searches through a related areas link.

The 'Related Areas' expands the subject area to provide the researcher with a wide range of subject headings and attached resources all relating to the same initial search.

Through years of research and thousands of hours of cataloguing subject headings, we have a wide range of catalogued 'Related Areas' including all of Currciulum Corporations SCISTM Subject Headings.

We are continually updating our lists with the new SCISTM headings as well as creating, with the help of industry leaders, a wide range of industry specific subject listings.

Alan Ford, our director, has dedicated twenty five years of his life to cataloguing subject headings to expand the search capabilities of researchers throughout Australia.

For more details of the Catalogued Subject Headings see - Code Catalogue

If you would like to discuss the 'Related Areas' in more depth please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


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