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Making your resource catalogue available online!

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How it works...
On request, your local software exports and compresses your data for upload to the internet. Once uploaded, a searchable online catalogue is accessible 24/7 to researchers!

Data Security...

  • Absolute! This online catalogue exists outside your network and is only a copy of your resource data

  • No borrower information is uploaded or stored by this catalogue

  • Access can be restricted by setting a catalogue password

  • If there are any 'attacks' or problems with the integrity of your online catalogue, you simply upload another copy!

What makes it special...

    • Can accept data from several library systems (contact us to discuss!)

  • Basic, uncluttered layout with effective built-in cross-referencing and brainstorming

  • Concept maps

  • Email based reservations and confirmations

What can CMEWeb do?

  • Catalogue Searching - CMEWeb includes all the normal catalogue search tools you would expect Subject, Title, Author and Series.

  • CMEWeb also contains our powerful Related Topics option to help researchers explore entire areas of interest and knowledge all starting with just a simple subject search...

  • Educational Websites - Access to over 7,000 SCISTM Catalogued Educational Websites

  • Online Reservations - Your clients can send Reservation notices to you via a clickable Reserve link on each catalogue item. (This can be password protected)

  • Current News - You can upload newsletters or events notices to your online catalogue so researchers are kept instantly up-to-date with news from your resource centre

  • Hot link to Home Page - A link is included to take researchers directly to your Home Page with a click!

View demo catalogue

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What do you need to do to get started?
Give the LibCode Office a call or chat with us to discuss your setup. We simply need your School logo and colours which can be emailed to us...
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