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Support and Licensing

The LibCode support package entitles you to:-

  • Fax support at any time
  • Email support any time
  • Telephone support - personal assistance Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • General software updates
  • Discounted new software and discounted on-site support
  • Home page for general information
  • Online manual, available at
  • LibCode Library Systems are one of the few (if not the only) suppliers to offer on-site support and training throughout Queensland at a price schools can afford.

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The licence for the full version permits the user to run CMEPlus and accessories on several computers, provided it contains data from the same collection. The licence takes the form of an annual licence and support fee.

The CMEPlus OPAC may be used on as many stand-alone or networked machines as the client wishes. An institution may distribute the database to its users, provided it has the name of the institution on the top, and the data from one subscriber's site.