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LibCode Library Systems

LibCode Library Systems is an Australian company specialising in Resource and Library Management Systems. We have been working in the education and resource management industry for over 20 years.

Our software and online applications, LibCode Suite (ILS), Text Tracker Suite, CMEWeb and AR Quiz Manager are presently used by over 750 schools and organisations across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Africa. We also offer resource management software for Private/ Personal Collections.

At LibCode Library Systems we specialise in simple to use, feature packed and cost effective software. We are focused on providing the highest level of customer support, as we believe user support is what makes software truly useful. 


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If you would like any more information about any of our products or our support, please contact us through email, phone, fax or any of the online forms.

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Watfodd Pty. Ltd. trading as LibCode Library Systems
ABN: 65 128 469 303
GITC No: Q-3287


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